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History,Philosophy and Goals

The Faculty traces its history back to 1815 when Ueda Hoyo, an educationalist who was active in Choshu Han, founded Yamaguchi Kodo. This in turn developed Yamaguchi Commerce High School in 1905. Thus, our Faculty will soon celebrate its 200th anniversary. Its history and tradition are among the longest in Japan.
Yamaguchi, which was the cradle of Japan’s modernization through the Meiji Restoration, is endowed with the spirit of initiatives, which is carried into our Faculty as its motto “Self-Restoration,” a spirit that sets one free form fear of changing oneself. In fact, we took initiatives in launching such new programs as the professional accountant program which enables one to obtain a national certificate of public accountant and tax accountant (2004) and the Tourism & Travel Industry Policy studies program (2005)-tourism is considered to become the 21st century’s fastest growing industry. The faculty trains individuals equipped with practical competence in formulating policies in the field.
This is time when to foresee future is a challenging task. In such a time, our Faculty is highly acclaimed for its courageous spirit of initiatives.

Specialized Fields

Majors and Courses
Economics, Management, International Economics, Law and Economics, Tourism and Travel Industry Policy, Course for Commerce Teachers

Features of Education

The Faculty program consists of five majors and one training program, equipped with a comprehensive educational system designed to “cultivate practical economic human resources students who can contribute to society.” A special emphasis is also placed on basic liberal education, practical skills education and small-size class education. Competent faculty staff tackles not only courses on economics and business administration but also other courses such as bookkeeping and English as well as seminars. Legal education is increasing in importance in economic society and is provided by our Faculty with further improvement. The Faculty confers economics as well as judiciary degrees.

Characteristics of Educational Contents

The Faculty tackles educational research from the stance: “Generate questions about social phenomena, formulate policies to provide solutions and contribute to a rich structure of society,” aiming to “cultivate human resources and students who can contribute to society.”

Since the old days, Yamaguchi has been an active center for transportation and goods distribution, producing a wide variety of prosperous industries in agriculture, forestry, heavy industry and tourism. Yamaguchi has a store of many objects of “raw materials” and a “quest” for you to explore and discover. We hope you will open the door of the future for yourselves.

Career Placement

Financial businesses, information & communication, services, retail business, local government posts, manufacturing, tourism, graduate school.

Special Notes

The School’s entrance exam consists of five types. Applicants can choose their type according to their abilities. For more details inquire at the address below:


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